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Patchwork Denim Bag

Why Sustainability is important and different ways to help save our planet.

DID Hoodie

Our patchwork bags are made with recycled denim sourced from used jeans to reduce the overproduction of products and usage of our natural resources.

About 1,800 gallons of water are used to produce the cotton inside of just a single pair of jeans. Thats about seven and a half years worth of drinking water. Around 85% of that water is used in dyeing the fabric. The dyeing process alone leads to factory runoff, which is one of many forms of water pollution. Denim is not the only item in the fashion industry that impacts our environment so greatly. Shoes, jewelry, handbags, and many more products create such an enormous amount of waste being dumped back into our planet. If it takes so many resources to create products we can't imagine living without, then what can we do to lessen the damage done? ... Get the MOST use out of our items as possible.

How to get the most use out of your fashion products?


Reduce the amount of each product you use and buy. Do we really need 100 pairs of shoes in our closet? Do we need 3 shoes in every color? Approximately 2,257 gallons of water is used to create one pair of shoes. Think about how often you wear all the shoes in your closet. More importantly, are there some in your possession that you refuse to wear? Now think about how many of them you bought within this past year. Do you throw shoes away, donate them, or resell them? How long do you typically keep your shoes? Do you throw them out because they are out of style or because you can no longer get anymore wear out of them? Do you buy new shoes to keep up with trends or because you genuinely need a new pair? Now multiply that 2,257 with how many pairs of shoes you have in your possession. Thats how much water was used and somewhat polluted to satisfy your need for shoes. SNEAKER HEADS! Instead of buying 10 pairs of shoes every month, try buying one pair a month. Or even better 2-3 pair of shoes a year.

Another way to reduce your clothing intake, is to set a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a small set of clothing with a color scheme, usually monochromatic, that can be mixed and matched with one another to give a variety of different outfits and options. This leads into the next way to get the most use out of your clothing.

6 articles of clothing worn 18 different ways (


The concept of wearing things only once or not being caught wearing it multiple times is such a misconception of what makes someone fashionable, not to mention it is a misuse of great items and very costly. Instead of continuously buying articles of clothing, wearing it once, and then getting rid of it, set a challenge for yourself. See how many different ways you can wear one article of clothing with varying existing items in your closet.



Take your old articles of clothing and recycle them. You could either donate it/ turn it into a fabric recycling center or you could go completely diy and create something new. This doesn't just apply for clothing. Old couch fabric, sleeping bags, curtains, and even bed sheets can be turned into a fashionable statement piece with just some needle, thread, and a little bit of brain power. You could even use old, stained, torn up shirts to clean/ shine your furniture.

Cierra Boyd (@friskmegood)

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