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About Us

Learn more about our owner and what makes us unique


Let's Get Comfortable

Raeven Smith, better known as Cierra Rae, is the owner and creator of the fashion brand Ray Pinkney. Often times we neglect the history of the women in our family and trace things back using the male names given to us when married. Raeven wants to pay tribute to the strength of the women in her family and break away from the male dominated naming in the fashion industry. Therefore, she named the brand after the maiden names of her mother, Ray, and her grandmother, Pinkney.

Our brand was official created during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine period. Our goal is to change the perspective of the world to a more understanding and compassionate mind state. Our shop features items that are further explained in the blog tab of our website. To learn more about our products, visit "The Purpose" tab.

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